Hello everyone,

We are so excited to introduce our new initiative: Side by Side Blog! Every week, Side by Side Agency will post a new blog so be sure to stay tuned. Our blog topics will cover areas of study tips, how to write a resume, financial literacy, resources of volunteering, leadership opportunities, mental health, world news, and much more! 

Before we end this introduction, we want to share a back story of our co-founders and what we offer at Side by Side Agency:

The co-founders of Side by Side Agency are Janaksha, Ashley, and Vanessa. We have been friends since high school (all attended Richmond Green S.S.), and we decided to start this organization at the end of April 2020 with a sole goal of helping students in the time of the world health crisis, COVID-19. We soon realized that Side by Side Agency meant a lot more than offering free tutoring services to K-12 students; we wanted to create a community that inspires and empower the youths of today! 

At Side by Side Agency, we offer free tutoring services, but what truly differs Side by Side Agency to other organizations is that we also offer a mentorship program. This mentorship program pairs university students from Canada and the US to high school students to mentor them on post-secondary educational and career pathways. Given the COVID-19 crisis, high school students are unable to gain first hand experience and conversations with universities, university students, and professors. However, our mentorship program can be seen as a way for students to explore the various programs, universities, and fields from the comfort of their homes

Additionally, something interesting we are working on is to create a bridge community where Side by Side can connect students to external resources; such as volunteering opportunities, research, internships, summer programs, and youth-led leadership organizations. 

Lastly, we would like to express our support and gratitude to all our mentors, tutors, students, and parents for supporting this organization!

Looking forward to starting this new and exciting chapter,

Side by Side Team