Dear Tutors and Mentors,

     Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a great number of changes and uncertainty in our lives. One of them is adjusting to an online education format. To help this adjustment during such a stressful and uncertain time, Side by Side strives to support students’ online learning to the utmost ability. This tutoring program is open to students in Ontario, grades K-12. 

     If you are interested in joining the tutoring program, please fill out the tutor sign up form to be a tutor. We will match your response in accordance to a student’s needs and academic interests. 

     If you are interested in joining the mentorship program, please fill out the mentor sign up form to be a mentor. We will match your response in accordance to a student’s interests in school and program. 

Finally, we need each and everyone of you to help out the community at this time, and we would like to thank you in advance for you hard work and initiative!

Thank you,

Side by Side Team

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Why Tutor/Mentor?

Help the community in time of need!




Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply as tutor or mentor?

Current undergraduates and postgraduates are welcomed to apply as a tutor and/or mentor.

What resources will be provided to help tutor or mentor?

After a tutor/mentor is matched with a student, we ask tutors/mentors to communicate with the student to set up an initial meeting to get to know the student’s academic needs and interests. Once the initial meeting is completed, we will have a quick meeting with the tutor/mentor to discuss next steps on the tutoring/mentoring sessions. We will also share a folder on Google Drive with plenty of resources, so do not worry if you have not tutored before!

How does the application work for tutors and/or mentors?

To apply as a tutor and/or mentor please fill up the tutor and/or mentor sign up forms on our website found under the tab “Sign Up”. Once the form is filled out, a short interview will be conducted to get to know you and help prepare you for your tutoring/mentoring sessions.

How many hours do I have to commit?

In terms of commitment, the tutoring session should be arranged between you and your student where you will meet 30mins to 1 hour per week. The tutoring session will be online through either Zoom or Skype, and for safety concerns, parents will be allowed to sit in during the session.

What are the responsibilities of a tutor/mentor?

Tutors are responsible for volunteering a minimum of one to two hours a week of their time to help their matched tutee with the subjects the tutee requests help in. The number of tutees matched to a tutor will be dependent on the tutor’s availability; however, tutors are expected to help their mentee until the end of the 2020 academic school year. Additionally, all tutors must comply with the Side by Side Agency’s safety guidelines and expectations provided to them at all times.


The responsibilities of a mentor will be further outlined by the Side by Side Agency during the application process. As a general overview, the mentorship program is relatively less time consuming than the tutoring sessions. The commitment of the mentor to the program will be subjective and in accordance to the mentor’s availability. However, we do expect all mentors to comply with the Side by Side Agency’s safety guidelines and expectations provided to them at all times.

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