Summer Research Program

This summer, we are hosting our very first free virtual summer program!

Our 3 co-founders,  Janaksha, Vanessa, Ashley, drew from our experiences in high school, and realized we were not equipped with the research and literacy skills needed for first-year, research positions, and internships. As well, our university level volunteers have discussed the competitiveness of obtaining a research position. That is why we decided to look into the literature to find if there really exists a needs assessment. 

  • We found that faculty and librarians at Ontario universities reported that first year students are less prepared for university, especially in information literacy skills, than in the past (OCUFA, 2009)
  • University students themselves also report having low confidence in their research and basic academic skills (Grayson et al 2019).
  • We also found that  there is a pervasive lack of equal representation compounds socioeconomic barriers to higher education, further reducing the likelihood of marginalized learners entering and staying in academia (Walkington et al 2017). 

 To combat these needs, literature suggests that mentorship is vital element to combat these discrepancies. And hence, the research program aims to resolve this need!

Check out our first issue of the SBS research journal compiled of research projects from our 2021 cohort of high school students!

2021 Summer Research Program Symposium

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