K-8 Workshops

Side by Side Agency will be hosting series of workshops for K-8 students over the next several weeks. Each of these workshops will last 30mins where students will get to learn various topics ranging from math, English, French, science, history, geography, and much more!

Upcoming Workshops

  1. Math – Angles; Sat, Oct 10: 11am – 11:30am
  2. English – literary devices; Sun, Oct 18 : 11am-11:30
  3. Geo – South America; Sat, Oct 24: 11am – 11:30am
  4. Math – prisms and pyramids; Sun, Nov 1 : 11am-11:30

PowerPoint & Resources

The powerpoint and resources from each workshop will be available in the corresponding posts below. Discover more resources for students and parents here.

How Does it Work?

Every week our tutors will be hosting workshops on various subjects for 30mins over Zoom. You will receive a link after you sign up! Parents are encouraged to sit in with their child during the workshop. In order to provide the best experience for your child, please try to actively participate or encourage engagement with the tutor!

Contact Us

For inquries about the workshop, please email us at info@sidebysideagency.ca 

Suggestions and feedback are more than welcomed!

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