Dear Everyone,

This past week has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions both enraging and shocking, so we at Side by Side have collaborated with Surge Richmond Hill to bring awareness on ways you can get involved with the current Black Lives Matter Movement. 

Before we start, here is a little bit about Surge Richmond Hill

Surge RH is a chapter part of the growing youth-led organization called Surge Canada. This youth run non-profit organization is dedicated to sparking conversations surrounding mental health, social justice and promoting advocacy among youth. Surge is also a platform that provides resources while promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

To continue, with the current Black Lives Matter Movement, many of us may feel overwhelmed or even confused with what actions to take or how to get involved with the movement. Some things that you can start to do include doing your own research and educating yourself on the issue, spreading positive awareness via social media, and signing or creating petitions. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can ways you can learn more about the movement.

Books & Texts

  • Killing the Black Body by Dorothy Roberts 
  • How Higher Ed Can Fight Racism: How can universities help? 
  • Of Course There are Protests. The State is Failing Black People: NY Times

Films & TV

Podcasts & Videos

Organizations to Follow

This list is only a starting point, and we, at both Side by Side Agency and Surge RH, encourage everyone to continue exploring and learning. Remember that knowledge is power, and it is important to understand that everyone has such ability to harness power that evokes change. In addition, you can take further action by signing petitions on, donating to local bail fund projects, and calling local politicians to demand for real, systemic changes. 

Lastly, if you are interested in getting involved with Surge RH, there will be executive position applications in the near future to get involved. Surge RH is looking for passionate individuals who wish to spread Surge’s values and host many events to talk about mental health and illness as well as social injustices. Follow Surge RH on instagram @surgerichmondhill


Side by Side Team & Surge RH