Welcome to Side by Side Agency’s virtual event page, where we will be hosting free weekly workshops and seminars hosted by our tutors and mentors from universities across Canada, the United States, and UK!

How to Attend

Please RSVP through the Eventbrite ticket link in order to participate and ask questions during our live events. You will receive a Zoom event link upon order confirmation. 

Event Etiquette

During the workshop, we ask that everyone please stay muted and switch off your video. We thank you ahead for your cooperation!


How to Ask Questions

If you have any questions during the event, please message directly into the Zoom chat to everyone or privately to the moderator. We will answer them in the Q&A portion. 

What If I Can't Attend?

We will live stream each event on our Facebook page. After each event, we will post a recorded video our Youtube channel and the presentation information in the posts below.

Opportunities for High School Students

Opportunities for High School Students

Talk to a representative from each organization to learn about different opportunities for high school students within arts, humanities, and STEM! Join this workshop to hear about our mentors’ involvement during high school that helped them during their post secondary education, jobs, internships, and more!

Have Questions?


Request a Mentor!

IMPORTANT: Our workshops are not affiliated with any of the universities or colleges. These workshops are hosted by current university/college students and alumni who will be providing their tips and advice on their experience.

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