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Side by Side Agency (SBS) is a Canadian registered non-profit, university student led online educational agency to support high school students and incoming first year university students through our mentorship and summer research program.

Difficulties with writing and researching for courses leads to poorer academic outcomes as it reduces students’ chances of acquiring extracurricular experiences, such as research experiences. These research experiences are required to successfully enter Canadian graduate schools or competitive careers. The pervasive lack of equal representation compounds socioeconomic barriers to higher education, further reducing the likelihood of marginalized learners entering and staying in academia (Walkington et al 2017). Fortunately, mentorship programs for women in male dominant institutions have been correlated with more publications, higher retention, and promotions within academic medicine (Farkas et al 2019). Therefore, it is clear that there is a need for more literacy and research based mentorship and support for marginalized learners to reduce barriers obstructing their future educational and career pathways.

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We’ve grown so much over the past year! As a thank you, we created the SBS Magazine featuring fun games and activities.

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